Snooze Me is not for sale any more. Looking for the only iOS calendar with a custom Snooze, then check out CalAlarm 2 on the app store!


Snooze Me collects all calendar alerts that have fired and lists them according to their time of popping up as banner or alert.

Set Snooze

Tap on the ZZZ button to set a snooze interval.

Edit Event

Tap on the event to edit it.
The event will be updated in the calendar you use.

Delete from list

Swipe to delete the event from the Snooze Me list. Or tap Edit to batch delete all.
The event itself will not be deleted from your calendar.


How it works

1. Set your appointments in the built-in calendar (or another iPhone database compatible calendar you use). 

2. The alert will fire for this event. Please note you can NOT* Snooze this alert.

3. There after the event will appear in the Snooze Me app, where you can Snooze it.

* Interaction with built-in and other calendar apps: iOS uses the sandbox model, each 3rd party app is only allowed to perform its own action and cannot influence other apps. Thus, you cannot snooze the notification/alert at the moment of firing because the Calendar app fires the appointment, you need to open the Snooze Me app to let Snooze Me do its job.

Important (iOS 5 onwards)

Please check the following in Notifications:

howto1 howto2 howto3

1. Snooze Me > Alert Style: Banners or Alerts.
Alerts are preferred as you will be able to stop the sound (Close button) without starting the Snooze Me app.

2. Snooze Me > Sounds > ON.

3. Snooze Me > View in lock screen > ON.